What Is Normal Blood Sugar?

Normal blood sugar is very important for every person. Sugar in your blood gives all cells in your body enough energy to work. That's because blood gets all over your body, and so do the sugars. Your cells need sugar to keep you nice and warm, or to let you grow! Maintaining normal blood sugar is especially important for diabetes patients. Diabetes patients need a stable blood sugar level. What exactly is a stable blood sugar level? That is blood glucose between 4 and 8 mmol / l. But, what exactly is blood glucose?

Blood glucose is the amount of glucose (another word for sugar) that is in your blood at any given time. This is also referred to by the terms blood sugar level and blood sugar level. For a diabetes patient, it is important that the blood sugar value remains as stable as possible. By eating 'wrong' foods, this blood glucose can only fluctuate considerably.

Blood Sugar Test

If you have physical problems, a visit to the doctor is recommended. A doctor may think of a certain form of diabetes on the basis of certain symptoms. In that case, the doctor will perform a blood sugar test. A blood sugar test is done by poking a hole in your finger with a small needle, where a drop of blood comes out. The doctor puts this in a blood sugar meter, which then checks/measures how much glucose is present at that moment. The result of this can give an indication of whether or not you have diabetes.

We make a distinction between two different measurements. First of all, the measurement where you are sober; means that you did not eat or drink anything for 8 hours before this injection. The second measurement is an injection that takes place about one and a half to two hours after eating a meal. The most important question here is of course: how high can your sugar be? You can find the answer to that question below. We have listed the possible glucose values.

Normal Fasting Blood Sugar

The blood sugar values ​​below can come out of the bus. Note: this injection is therefore done on an empty stomach:

Below 6.1 mmol / l - no diabetes

Between 6.1 and 6.9 mmol / l - anterior phase of diabetes

Above 6.9 mmol / l - diabetes

Not Sober

The blood sugar values ​​below can roll out of the bag with an injection while you are not fasting. Again: this means that you had another meal one and a half to two hours in advance:

Below 7.8 mmol / l - no diabetes

Between 7.8 and 11 mmol / l - anterior phase of diabetes

Above 11 mmol / l - diabetes

Normal Glucose Levels After Meals

As you can see, glucose levels can be considerably higher after a meal than on an empty stomach. This has to do purely with the nutrients that are in a meal. Both slow and fast carbohydrates can be present here. The fast carbohydrates will cause a significant/short rise in glucose levels. It is actually better to eat foods with slow carbohydrates. In this way, you can 'spread out' the carbohydrates a bit and the blood sugar peak does not get that high.

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